About Us:Corporate Philosophy

As a company supporting manufacturing operations, at Yonezawa we consistently provide our customers with optimum quality services.

In addition to contributing to the innovations and development of our corporate customers, we also make utmost contributions to the creation of industrial foundations and the enrichment of life and culture both in Japan and worldwide.

Corporate Objective

Since its establishment in 1954, YONEZAWA has earned a good reputation and trust as a system trader from manufacturers and mold manufacturers in particular. We have been providing support for installing software products, such as CAD/CAM/CAE, DNC, production systems, and hardware products, including cutting tools, tooling, and machining centers, to ensure that each machine and production system best serve customer needs and improves their QCD* performance. We do not simply offer and sell machines and production systems available in our stock; we correctly understand the needs of corporate customers, including software system optimization and overseas operations support through our extensive overseas network, to provide feedback information to leading machine tool manufacturers, supporting them from the development stage of their products. YONEZAWA believes that its primary mission as a system trader is to provide systematic manufacturer support services to the entire spectrum of customers from upstream to downstream. To correctly understand customer needs, we are all eyes and ears with regard to the shop floor needs of customers and stay a customer-oriented think tank capable of fast, flexible solutions. This approach to sales activities enables us to make full use of our cutting-edge technology information, know-how, and other knowledge resources.

To help each customer make the first step for innovation into the twenty-first century and to be the best partner, YONEZAWA mobilizes all its sales and intellectual resources.

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